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Polymer suspension insulators

 Zhengzhou Orient Power Company offers polymer suspension insulators including common suspension insulator and anti-pollution type suspension insulator.

Polymer suspension insulators

Suspension type insulators made of silicone rubber materials, according to insulator end fittings, suspension type insulators have
◆ ball and sockets
◆ clevis and tongue
◆ Y-clevis and eye
◆ Eye and eye
◆ Clevis type

Polymer suspension insulators are manufactured for modern high voltage and in cases EHV applications. polymer suspension insulators is to ANSI class 52 standards for normal and high strength to 40000 lbs suspension and can be used up to 1000kv overhead lines.

The main technical parameters of polymer suspension insulators
◆ leakage distance: 7 inches
◆ dry arcing distance: 4.5 inches
◆ combined M & E strength: 45
◆ impact strength (inch-pounds):5000

Polymer suspension insulators can be used for any voltage level overhead lines in accordance with suspension insulator number.


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