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Polymeric Standoff insulators

Polymeric standoff insulators are descended from the same insulators that once protected telegraph wires from contact with wood.

Polymeric Standoff insulators

Nowadays, polymeric standoff insulators still used on many electrical systems as critical components.

Polymeric standoff insulators have many advantages than porcelain insulators. Such less costly, lighter in weight, especially have excellent hydrophobic capability. This combination makes them ideal for service in indoor areas affected by industrial residue like machine oil and grease.

A lot of polymeric standoff insulators are molded from a flame-retardant, glass-reinforced thermoset polyester compound, recognized for current carrying devices.

Physical and electrical characteristics of polymeric standoff insulators:
Tensile strength: this characteristic of polymeric standoff insulators is the amount of stress that the insulator will withstand when pressure is applied pulling straight up on the bolt in the insert

Cantilever strength: this strength is the insulator will support the weight of an amount, when something is hung on an insulator that is mounter on the wall.

Arc resistance: Arc resistance is expressed as the number of seconds that a material resists the formation of a surface-conducting path when subjected to an intermittently occurring arc of high voltage, low current characteristics.Creep: this is the distance from potential to ground measured along a polymeric standoff insulators surface path, this rating is dependent on environments as well as the surface condition and overall length


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