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Polymeric insulator

As a leader pin insulator manufacturer, we mainly produce porcelain pin type insulator, polymer pin insulator and polymeric pin insulator. Orient Power was quick to identify the benefits of using polymeric insulator technology to replace traditional materials such as glass or porcelain for Insulators.

Polymeric insulator             Pin insulator

We developed a unique EPDM cladding material formulation, which has been in service now for polymeric insulator more than a quarter of a century and in a variety of electrical application systems.

Most electrical insulators are now also available in Silicone rubber. Such as polymer pin insulator is made from silicone rubber with high performance.
The advantages of polymeric insulator
◆ Light weight
◆ Impact and vandal resistant
◆ High pollution resistance
◆ Low profile - makes them less environmentally obtrusive
◆ Flameproof
◆ A wide range of substrates and end fittings
◆ Many direct replacement products to obviate the need to re-tension lines after replacement of traditional insulators

As a certified ISO9001 company, Orient Power, with world-class products and excellent service, has obtained recognition and high reputation from customers, and become one of main suppliers to State Grid Corporation of China and Southern Power Grid of China. Customers are satisfied with our electrical insulator


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