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Polymeric pin type insulator

Polymeric pin type insulators are one main of polymeric insulators consisting of core rod, shed and metals. Each part has itself properties.

Polymeric pin type insulator

The composed of polymeric pin type insulators
The sheds of pin insulators adopt overall injection pressure process, so solve the reliability of composite insulators problem of the interface electrical breakdown. Compared to porcelain pin type insulator, the core and the metal fittings are using the most advanced technology with high strength, small size, light weight, corrosion-resistant galvanized fittings.

The properties of polymeric pin type insulators
1. Excellent electrical properties, high mechanical strength
2.Good stain resistance, and don’t require cleaning, re-contamination can run to safety.
3. Small volume, light weight. The structure is dexterous, convenient to transport and installation.

The sheds of pin insulators with good hydrophobic properties, the overall structure ensures that the insulation does not get wet, no preventive insulation monitoring tests, no cleaning, reducing routine maintenance.

Orient Polymeric pin type insulators also has a strong impact resistance and shock resistance, good anti-fragility and creep resistance.


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