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Porcelain 15kv pin insulator

Orient Power Insulators manufactures provides a wide range of low and high voltage pin insulators designed for distribution and sub transmission lines. Porcelain 15kv pin insulator belongs to low voltage insulators, it mainly used on high voltage distribution lines. Porcelain 15kv pin insulator applies to the ANSI 29.5 standard.

 15kv pin insulator


Porcelain 15kv pin insulator has high resistance to lightning puncture, According to the different requirements of the customer, the versatile neck of porcelain 15kv pin insulator designs in “C, F, K and J,” side and top grooves. All neck sizes conform to industry standards allowing factory – formed ties to be used.

Orient Power transmission and distribution insulators are constructed of high quality electrical grade porcelain. Each porcelain 15kv pin insulator receives series of electrical tests and mechanical test before the assembly. 100% of all porcelain 15kv pin insulators are subjected to high frequency puncture tests, to ensure the stability of the performance.

Orient Power offers Porcelain 15kv pin insulator, beside this, we can offer other type pin insulators, and we provide the pin type insulators according your need.


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