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Insulator Pin 33 KV,Porcelain C/W Spindle

Highly resistant to lightning puncture, Orient manufactures a wide range of low and high voltage Insulator Pin 33 KV designed for distribution consisting of Porcelain C/W Spindle. The versatile neck designs in "C, F, K and J", side and top grooves, accepts large diameter conductors for easy tying. All neck sizes comply with industry standards: factory formed ties can be used.

Insulator Pin 33 KV               porcelain Insulator Pin 33 KV

Insulator Pin 33 KV according to IEC, ANSI and other standards are used in substations and related switching equipment. Pin insulators are subjected to compression, cantilever and torsional loads during service.

Pin insulator can be divided into porcelain pin type insulators and composite pin insulators. Pin insulator is used to insulation and connection between conductive body and grounding body, such as bus support and disconnector insulators, etc. It consists of porcelain body, top& bottom fitting and Porcelain C/W Spindle, all the components was assembled with cement together.

Insulator Pin 33 KV is puncture insulator. Post insulator has the function of bending and torsion resistance. The main product range: AC & DC 10-36kV normative porcelain or composite pin insulators as well as different typical End-fitting according to customer’s special requirement.

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