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Porcelain bushing insulator

Porcelain bushing insulator can be divided into big bushing insulator and small bushing insulators, the former is used for high voltage transformer, substations and stations, the latter is used for low voltage trans former or small stations, also called transformer bushing insulator

Porcelain bushing insulator

Bushing insulator upto 1000kV, Big Porcelain bushing insulator can be divided into
◆ Outdoor cable end bushing
◆ Upside down transformer bushing
◆ Capacity voltage transformer bushing
◆ SF6 current transformer bushing
◆ Voltage transformer bushing
◆ Circuit breaker post bushing
◆ Current transformer bushing
◆ SF6 transformer bushing
◆ Oil immersed voltage transformer bushing
◆ SF6 circuit breaker bushing
◆ Electrostatic precipitator bushing

Small porcelain bushing insulator is used as the insulating elements such as transformer bushings and wall bushings, designed to perform under outdoor and indoor conditions for voltage upto 36kV.


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