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Porcelain electrical insulator

Porcelain electrical insulator includes post insulators, line insulators, hollow core porcelain, and other type electric insulators.

Porcelain electrical insulator

The electrical line post insulator product description:
Superior properties of low
high temperature resistance
Strong aging resistance
Nice appearance & Long service time
Color brown and gray both available

A porcelain electrical insulator resistant to destruction by projectiles comprises a shed and a head portion protrusively and integrally formed with the shed.

The thinnest part of the shed is not less than 5 mm, and the thickness of the head portion which is to be covered with a cap or the thickness of the insulator in the vicinity of the junction portion between the head portion and the shed is not less than 2 times the minimum thickness of the shed.

Porcelain electrical insulators are subjected through a series of tests in order to minimize the chances for line failure.


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