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Porcelain insulator types

Porcelain insulator types have many in different aspects, you can learn the basic knowledge through this article.

Porcelain insulator types

According to insulator materials, porcelain insulator types have
◆ Porcelain insulator: made by ceramic
◆ Porcelain composite insulator: the shed made by polymer materials, the screw thread made of porcelain materials

According to insulator application position, porcelain insulator types have
◆ Transformer bushing
◆ Station post insulator
◆ Line insulator

According insulator usage, porcelain insulator types have
◆ Common porcelain insulator used in electrical insulator
◆ Beautiful porcelain insulator usually collected by collectors

According to insulator voltage insulator, porcelain insulator types have
◆ High voltage insulator
◆ Medium voltage insulator
◆ Low voltage insulator

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