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Porcelain insulator value

Orient Power is a leading pin insulator manufacturer for high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage porcelain insulator. Zhengzhou Orient Power provides high porcelain insulator value.

Porcelain insulator

Porcelain insulators

Orient Power product lines for overhead transmission and distribution line include porcelain disc insulators, line post insulators, station post insulators, porcelain bushing for apparatus, railway insulators, etc. These insulators are manufactured to the various standards; the standards include ANSI, IEC, CSA, BS, DIN, etc.

We are registered to the rigid Quality Assurance Standards of the ISO 9001 and independent testing laboratory. We guarantee not only high quality products, but also strong requirements regarding development, design, manufacturing, installation and servicing. Each insulator is subjected to rigorous mechanical and electrical testing to ensure years of solid performance.

Orient Power resistance-graded porcelain designs developed proprietary formulation is characterized by its superior performance under contaminated conditions. All porcelain insulators are injection molded in a one piece design and exhibit self-cleaning characteristics. These products have a long and proven performance record in severely contaminated environments.

Which type of insulator is your choice? If you decided to buy pin insulators or have some questions, please contact Orient Power.


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