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Porcelain insulators value

 Porcelain insulators value has different in different aspect, such as porcelain insulators used on power lines, some are collected by collectors.

Porcelain insulators value

If porcelain insulators are used electrical system for supporting and insulating, the Porcelain insulators value has
◆ Used for overhead lines own different price
◆ High voltage insulator has high price because of high section length and technology requirements
◆ Low voltage insulator has lower price than high voltage insulator because of its simple manufacturing process
◆ Compared to collected porcelain insulators, some common porcelain insulators value is lower than collected porcelain insulators

Collected porcelain insulators value is different, the features have
◆ Some are more years old, the higher the value
◆ Some of the better technology, the higher the value

Porcelain insulators value can be decided in different in accordance with person hobby.


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