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Porcelain pin insulator

Porcelain pin insulator offers the ultimate solution in improved performance. Because of its hydrophobicity, this material inherently resists water filming thereby limiting leakage currents. Insulators with reduced leakage currents, even when contaminated, require less frequent washing. The savings in such maintenance costs are added benefits of using grey glazed porcelain pin type insulator.

Porcelain pin insulator

Porcelain pin insulator

In process of using porcelain pin insulators, we always found problem from insulator. In general Overhead Distribution Lines tend to experience a large number of outages and interruptions due to insulation failures. These failures may be from surface contamination or wetting on line insulators that result in flashovers or pole fires.

Orient Power Porcelain pin insulators are manufactured and tested to world-class porcelain insulator standards; ANSI C29.5, ANSI C29.6, ANSI C29.1 and IEC 1109.


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