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Porcelain pin type insulators

We received some Bidding Documents from India about porcelain pin type insulators; India pin type insulator shall follow some rules and do some insulator tests.

Porcelain pin type insulator-Orient

Porcelain pin type insulator

As the Porcelain pin type insulator is to be used anywhere in A.P. State including the coastal area, the creepage distances of specified in GTP are minimum. However, the firm may offer insulators of higher creepage distance, but the mechanical and electrical parameters of their product shall be as per the mechanical and electrical requirement in GTP attached.

Porcelain pin type insulator tests
i) All the tenderers must submit copies of type test certificates along with laboratory approved drawings for the products offered by them. The Certificates shall be from any NABL accredited laboratory, but not more than 5 years old as on date of opening the tender.
ii) Copy of type test certificate of each type offered must be submitted.
iii) The type test certificate shall be final and complete for all the tests as per the list of type tests given in specification Cl.No.8.1of the specification.
iv) Failure to submit the type test certificates as described above shall be liable for rejection of tender offer.
v) Routine test shall be carried out on every insulator as specified in IS in clause no.2 with latest amendments. Details of test result on each of the insulator supplied, has to be submitted to inspector for his perusal and verification.
vi) The insulators shall comply with the type tests as per IS in clause no.2 with latest amendments.

If you want to buy some porcelain pin type insulators in accordance with these insulator tests certificates, please contact Orient Power.


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