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Porcelain power line insulators

Porcelain power line insulators can be divided into high voltage insulators, medium voltage insulators and low voltage insulators.

Porcelain power line insulators

Some requirements for Porcelain power line insulators:
The maximum pitting depth of not more than 2.5mm
Flammability FV-0 level requirements
The tensile strength of not less than 4MPa
Meet hydrophobic properties HC1, HC2-level requirements

For Porcelain power line insulators:
Power frequency dry withstand voltage (RMS) ≥175kV
Power frequency wet withstand voltage (RMS) ≥140kV
Rated bending failing load is 12.0 KN
Rated tensile failure load is 120 KN
Rated sliding load is 40 KN

Porcelain power line insulators can be designed in any voltage for supporting and insulating wires and conductors.

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