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Porcelain railway insulator

Used on railway insulators made of porcelain all can call porcelain railway insulator and play the role of supporting and insulating.

Porcelain railway insulator

According to railway insulator application, Porcelain railway insulator can be divided into
◆ Suspension insulator for electrical railway
◆ Post insulator for railway

The features of Porcelain railway insulator
◆ Usually used for 25kV power lines
◆ Can be used in pollution areas
◆ High creepage options
◆ Excellent mechanical strength
◆ Long service life
◆ Silicone rubber coatings for insulators to improve the Hydrophobic
◆ Used semi-conductor to improve the anti-aging resistance

Porcelain railway insulator consists of lead antimony alloy, sulfur cement and Portland cement with excellent performance.


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