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Porcelain standoff insulators

Porcelain standoff insulators can be made of porcelain materials and made by wet process porcelain with high mechanical strength. The insulator fittings usually install the inner of insulator.

Porcelain standoff insulators           Porcelain standoff insulators

Porcelain standoff insulators manufactured of porcelain materials for clay, quartz and feldspar etc. the properties of Porcelain standoff insulators
◆ Tolerate high voltage stress
◆ Tolerate electrical stress
◆ Reliably regulate the flow of charge
◆ High tensile strength
◆ Corrosion resistance
◆ Deformation resistance

Porcelain standoff insulators usage:
◆ Commonly used for regulating current in conductors
◆ In conductive components of switchgear and transformers
◆ Useful in powering stations or electrical devices

Porcelain standoff insulators are used on substations, stations and transformers for supporting and insulating made by high technology.


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