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Power station post insulators

Power station post insulators are also known as solid core insulator made of porcelain or silicone rubber material, also known as porcelain Power station post insulators and composite insulators.

Power station post insulators

Power station post insulators design features:
Porcelain body: each insulator body is made form the highest quality clay raw materials that have been porcelain. The body is glazed to add strength, improve surface appearance, and enhance ease of cleaning.
Short, sturdy sheds: The porcelain sheds protect the body form impact or flashover. They will withstand severe mechanical attack. Even when broken, station post sheds break clean, usually leaving the body undamaged and the insulator still serviceable.

The main feature of Power station post insulators:
Good performance of hydrophobicity
High mechanical strength
Small volume and light weight

Power station post insulators insulating layer consist of high performance and high quality performance.


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