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Price of pin insulator 11kv

When you walk into a shop and saw a special gift when like or need, you must ask the price of the gift, of course, except for Tyrant. So, when you really need the pin insulator 11kv, you must want to know the price of it. Now, let us get to know the price of pin insulator 11kv.

pin insulator 11kv

First, according to different material, the pin insulator 11kv can be divided into:
Composite pin insulator 11kv, it is made of Composite polymer, In most cases, it is made from silicone rubber.
◆Porcelain pin insulator 11kv ,it is made of wet process high quality ceramic.

Pin insulator 11kv of different materials have different prices, Porcelain pin insulator 11kv has decades of development history, it has mature production technology, long history to confirm the quality of the porcelain pin insulator is reliable. So its price is relatively high , but just a little.

Now, with the increasing pollution, and composite insulator as an anti-pollution type insulator is used by more and more buyers. The price of composite pin insulator 11kv is cheaper.

You can buy the pin insulator 11kv according your need, if you want accurate price, please contact with us.


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