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Railroad insulator pins

 Railroad insulator pinscan be divided into long insulator pins and short insulator pins, the former usually installed with wood cross arm, the latter normally installed with iron cross arm.

Railroad insulator pins

Railroad insulator pins play an important role for electrical systems, can be made of iron, steel, stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized etc.

The applications of Railroad insulator pins
◆ Wood telephone poles
◆ Iron electrical poles
◆ Electrical towers

Railroad insulator pins also called insulator spindle. Except Railroad insulator pins, there are some insulator used with insulator pins, they are
Pin insulator
◆ Line post insulator
◆ Pin post insulator etc.

Porcelain Railroad insulator pins and porcelain pin type insulator spindle in some conditions can exchange for supporting the wires and insulators.


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