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Rod suspension insulators

Rod suspension insulatorsare made from silicone rubber materials, consisting of FRP core rod, silicone rubber housing, weathersheds and insulator end fittings.

Rod suspension insulators

The materials of Rod suspension insulators
◆ high temperature vulcanizing (HTV) silicon rubber
◆ room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber
◆ liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

The features of Rod suspension insulators materials
◆ HTV is cured at high temperature and pressure, catalyzed by peroxide induced free radicals or by hydrosilylation catalyzed by a noble metal, i.e. platinum, most of suspension insulator used this material
◆ RTV is cured at lower temperature, i.e. around room temperature, by condensation reaction as one component system. Some insulator made from RTV silicone rubber material.
◆ Little insulator made from LSR

Rod suspension insulators can be also made from porcelain materials used in electrical devices for supporting and insulating.


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