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Side tie of pin insulator

Side tie of pin insulator is usually used with the tie-top composite pin insulator or porcelain pin insulator on distribution lines or pole lines.

Side tie of pin insulator        Side tie of pin insulator      

Side ties also called performed wire, can be used with all types of electrical insulators, such as spool insulator and shackle insulator. Performed wire can be used to fix conductor on electrical insulators.

Preformed Line made of Alloy is intended for use in corrosive environments on aluminum based conductors. They are suitable for use on ANSI C29 compliant insulators.

Alloy Ties have been performance-matched to aluminum conductors and are much more corrosive resistant than standard aluminized steel ties.

Alloy Top Ties secure conductors in the top groove of interchangeable head-style insulators. the features of Side tie of pin insulator
◆ Easily applied by hand or with hot sticks
◆ Performance matched materials
◆ Will not damage the conductor during installation
◆ Resiliency built in to protect the conductor
◆ Reacts like the conductor under loading

Side tie of pin insulator can be made of aluminum, alloy and so on. Which tie is your choices? Please read it and choose it.


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