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Silicon insulator manufacturers

Silicon insulatorhigh quality silicon products from world Silicon insulatorSilicon insulator manufacturers and silicon insulators. Orient Power is a prime silicone rubber manufacturer for polymer pin insulator.


Silicon insulator

Silicon insulator

There are many silicone insulator manufacturers in China, how to choose suitable manufacturer?
Firstly, which type of silicone insulators is your choice?
Composite pin insulators
◆ Disc suspension insulators
◆ Silicone line post insulator
◆ Silicone hollow core insulator
◆ Polymer station post insulator

Secondly, which voltage of silicone insulators is your choice?
Pin insulators: 10KV, 11KV, 12KV, 22KV, 24KV, 15KV,25KV.33KV,35KV, 36KV
◆ Suspension insulators: 35KV,66KV,69Kv,110KV,220KV,230KV,330Kv,400KV,500KV
◆ Line post insulators: 35KV,66KV,69Kv,72KV,115KV,132KV
◆ Station post insulators: 60KV, 95KV, 125KV, 250KV, 325KV, 450KV, 1050KV, 950KV etc.
◆ Hollow core insulators: 36KV,720KV,1000KV

You can also think about the mechanical strength, the performance and so on. You can compared with three or more silicone rubber manufacturers to choose suitable one.


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