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Silicon insulator or conductor

Silicon insulator or conductor is both of electrical equipment, silicon insulator can be used on overhead lines, and silicon conductor can be made semi-conductors for porcelain pin type insulator.

Silicon insulator

Silicon insulator

Silicon insulator or conductor has different usage. In general, silicone is thought of an insulator, is also known as silicon insulators. It can be engineered to conduct to a degree, but is generally not a conductor of electric current. Silicon is often use as an insulating medium.

What’s the use of the Silicon insulator or conductor?
Insulator can be made by silicon including silicone rubber pin insulators, suspension insulators, line post insulators and so on.

Is silicon a conductor of electricity?
Silicon can conduct electricity, but not nearly as well as copper does. The conductivity of silicon depends a great deal on what is mixed with it, because this affects how tightly it holds on to its outer electrons. Silicon is the main ingredient in glass and porcelain, which does not conduct electricity. Silicon is also used to make semi-conductors, which do conduct electricity, but still not as well as copper does. That's why they're called semi-conductors instead of conductors for porcelain pin insulator


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