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Silicone composite insulator

In HV applications, Glass Reinforced Silicone composite insulator have been widely used in the designs of overhead transmission lines, transmission and distribution towers, and in substation applications, also called electrical insulator.

Silicone composite insulator

The properties of silicone rubber for composite insulators
Silicone rubber is an inorganic synthetic elastomer made from a cross linked silicon-based polymer reinforced with filler. It offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties organic elastomers cannot match. Composite insulators are made from silicone rubber materials with high performance, also called silicone rubber insulators; such as composite pin insulators.

These properties make silicone rubber the material of choice for electrical applications ranging.

Why choose the silicone rubber for composite insulators?
◆ Inherently good electrical insulating qualities that do not change significantly under exposure to severe environmental stress (heat, cold, moisture, oil, ozone, UV rays)
◆ Retains its natural flexibility and resilience (resists compression set) across a wider temperature range. Silicone rubber pin insulators can be widely used in pollution and high temperature areas
◆ Enhances the comfort and feel of consumer goods
◆ Excellent sealing performance
◆ More choices -- a wide hardness range, a wide range of color choices (from transparent to brightly colored)


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