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Silicone rubber composite insulators

The market for silicone rubber composite insulators is growing steadily, in long-rod line applications, pin insulators and hollow core station insulators.

Silicone rubber composite insulator

The advantages of Silicone rubber composite insulators
Composite designs typically use engineered polymers which offer
◆ Higher mechanical strength
◆ Greater design flexibility
◆ Reduced weight
◆ And lower breakage rates than ceramic components.

The emerging shift to composites adds new importance to the debate over which polymeric material should be used for the housing. Insulator field experience and extensive, multi-stress lab testing of different elastomer formulations have shown silicone’s unique surface behavior to be an advantage in these applications. Such as more silicone rubber composite insulators manufacturers produce polymeric pin insulators or polymer pin insulator which also called composite pin insulators.

Orient Power offers Connectivity Silicone rubber composite insulators for electrical substation applications for both substation post and Ultra-high voltage transmission needs. 


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