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Silicone rubber high voltage insulators

The delivery and the testing of silicone rubber high voltage insulators made of glass fibre reinforced rods and silicon rubber housing according to ANSI C29.11 and IEC 61109 for high voltage and extra-high voltage overhead lines. We do Silicone rubber pin insulators tests according to ANSI C29.11.

Silicone rubber insulator            high voltage insulators

The shed design of Silicone rubber high voltage insulators
Shed design must comply with IEC 60815-1. The requirements with respect to high voltage tracking resistance, high voltage arc resistance, high voltage diffusion puncturing strength and flammability classes must be complied with according to standard specification.

If the required creeping path is obtained by pushing on the corresponding number of silicone rubber high voltage insulators sheds, parts of the insulating body, i. e. GRP rod, housing and sheds, must be joined to each other by vulcanization or by equivalent methods which obtain a permanent chemical bonding. In every silicone rubber insulator, such as composite pin insulators a permanently damp-proof bonding between shed and GRP silicone housing is necessary.

If the complete housing of Silicone rubber high voltage insulators is realized with an injection moulding procedure, it should be performed in one single step. In no case bubbles and residual tensions in the burrs are allowed. The surface seam of all composite pin type insulators must be smooth; burrs must be removed completely.


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