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Socket eye clevis

Socket eye clevis is usually used for power system. It is the special fittings for linking the socket type insulator and also connecting insulator and suspension clamps or conductor.

Socket eye clevis

We also need to know the link fitting, including U shackle, U bolt, yoke plate, extension ring, adjusting links, socket eye clevis and so on. Their function is linking insulator string with fittings, insulator strings with clamp, and lighting conductor with tower.

Socket eye clevis is made up of two materials:
◆ Ductile Iron
◆ Forged steel
◆ Aluminum alloy
◆ Stainless steel
◆ Steel

The steel and iron shall be hot dip galvanized providing long service life for electrical power systems with high strength.

We often need to know two parameters:
◆ Diameter
◆ Mechanical Strength

Little y clevis play an important role in power system. It helps to link the insulators, so that the insulator can play a main role in different voltage. We should test it in times, may be a small fault in y clevis will cause a big Accident on the power system.


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