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Strain Clamp ACSR

Strain Clamp ACSR is used in ACSR line system, they are recommended for ACSR or Aluminum conductor. The main function of Strain Clamp ACSR is to fixed the wire and bears a lot of tension strength of the wire, They will linked the wire to tension string or the fittings in tower.

The keepers and clamp bodied of Strain Clamp ACSR are made by lightweight and high strength aluminum alloy, Clevis pins and U-bolts are hot dip galvanized steel.

The standards Strain Clamp ACSR are supplied with stainless steel clamp bolts and clevis pin which is made by galvanized steel. Strain Clamp ACSR stainless steel clevis pin can also be supplied for special applications.

Following are the technical parameter of the Stain Clamp ACSR

Type Applicable
conductor dia(mm)
Dimensions (mm) U-Bolt Rated failure load(kN) Weight
D C L L1 R No. Dia.
NLD-1 5.0-10.0 16 18 150 120 6.5 2 12 20 1.3
NLD-2 10.1-14.0 16 18 205 130 8.0 3 12 40 2.1
NLD-3 14.1-18.0 18 20 310 160 11.0 4 16 70 4.6
NLD-3 18.1-23.0 18 25 410 220 12.5 5 16 90 7.1


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