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Strain insulator

Strain insulator is one of suspension insulator or stay insulator used on power lines made from porcelain or fiberglass materials.

Strain insulator             Strain insulator

The types of guy strain insulator made of fiberglass materials
◆ 16000lb series
◆ 21000lb series
◆ 30000lb series
◆ 36000lb series
◆ Clevis bracket

The features of strain insulator / suspension insulator
◆ Install in vertical direction
◆ Mechanical strength: 40kn, 70kb, 90kn, 80kn, 120kn, 100kn, 160kn, 210kn, 300kn, 530kn
◆ Used on low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage
◆ Made of porcelain or polymer materials
◆ Excellent pollution resistance

Fiberglass guy Strain insulators are available with the quality and performance you expect from Aluma-form. Suspension strain insulator is suitable for power lines can exchange pin insulator, line post insulator in some conditions.


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