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Strain insulators,spool insulators

Strain insulators and spool insulators are widely used for low voltage distribution lines.

Strain insulators,spool insulators

Strain insulators for overhead power lines give protection in the event of accidentally broken live wire that can accidentally energizing a stay wire and remaining in contact with line which doesn’t trip.

Strain insulators are sound, free from flaws and blemishes, thoroughly vitrified, smoothly glazed.

Features for strain insulators:
Main model: ANSI 54-1, ANSI 54-2, ANSI 54-3 ANSI 54-4, GY1, GY2, GY3, GY4, EP522 and EP1008
Shapes: Corners type, octagonal type, eye types
Mechanical strength: 40kN, 35kN, 70kN, 97kN

Advantages for strain insulators:
high mechanical strength
is resistant to rodents, termites, birds and other animals capable of compromising the integrity of polymers

For spool insulators, are used with spool bolts clevises, secondary racks and various brackets for deadending or supporting secondary voltage conductors.

Maintenance of spool insulators and guy strain insulators is typically not required, as the glaze coating on the exterior of the insulator keeps dirt and pollutants from adhering to the insulator.
You can select the model you need according there functions, once you have decided which guy strain or spool insulator will work best to accommodate your needs, please contact us!

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