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String insulators

 String insulators are also called suspension insulator made of high aluminum porcelain materials used for high voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines.

String insulators            String insulators

According to used conditions, String insulators can be divided into
◆ Ball and socket coupling normal type chain insulators
◆ Anti-pollution(fog) type string insulators

String insulators made by wet process porcelain are generally designed in disc shape in accordance ANSI C29.2 and IEC standards.

String insulators are tested in accordance with
◆ IEC 60383 type and sample tests
◆ IEC-60797 residual strength tests
◆ IEC 60575 thermal mechanical performances tests
◆ IEC 60120 dimensions control of ball and socket coupling
◆ IEC 60372 locking device control for ball and socket coupling
◆ ANSI-C29.2 impact tests
◆ ANSI C29.1 power frequency voltage

String insulators can be divided into double insulator, triple insulator and hat type insulator according to insulator designs.


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