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Suspension insulator manufacturers

As one of professional suspension insulator manufacturers in China, we mainly produced porcelain suspension insulator and composite suspension insulator.

Suspension insulator manufacturers

As one of reputed Suspension insulator manufacturers, we mainly produce porcelain suspension insulator including
◆ Normal insulator
◆ Anti-pollution insulator: bell type insulator, hat type insulator, double shed insulator and triple shed insulator

We mainly produced composite suspension insulator including
◆ Distribution suspension insulator: 11kv, 22kv, 33kv, 45kv, 66kv, 69kv
◆ Transmission suspension insulator: 115kv, 110kv, 132kv, 161kv, 220kv, 243kv, 300kv, 400kv, 345kv, 500kv
◆ Extra high voltage insulator: 700kv, 750kv, 800kv, 1000k etc.

As one of leading Suspension insulator manufacturers, we also produced other porcelain insulators and composite insulators, such as pin insulator and line post insulators.


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