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Suspension insulator

Suspension insulator is usually used on transmission power lines in suspension insulator string. How to design suspension insulator string? How to install the suspension insulator?

Suspension insulator              Suspension insulator

How to install the suspension insulator?
◆ EHV Tangent Suspension, 2-Bundle Conductor
Single-String 30k lb Assembly, TET-IH-21-30, 230kV - 345kV
Single-String 50k lb Assembly, TET-IH-21-50, 230kV - 345kV
V-String 30k lb Assembly, TET-VH-22-30, 230kV - 345kV
V-String 50k lb Assembly, TET-VH-22-50, 230kV - 345kV

◆ EHV Tangent Suspension, 3-Bundle Conductor
V-String 30k lb Assembly, TET-VX-32-30, 345kV - 500kV
V-String 50k lb Assembly, TET-VX-32-50, 345kV - 500kV
V-String 80k lb Assembly, TET-VX-32-80, 345kV - 500kV
Double V-String 50k lb Assembly, TET-DX-34-50, 345kV - 500kV

◆ EHV Angle Suspension, 2-Bundle Conductor
Running Angle 30k kb Assembly, TEA-IH-21-30, 230kV - 345kV
Running Angle 50k lb Assembly, TEA-IH-21-50, 230kV - 345kV
Angle V 30k lb Assembly, TEA-VH-22-30, 230kV - 345kV
Angle V 50k lb Assembly, TEA-VH-22-50, 230kV - 345kV

◆ EHV Angle Suspension, 3-Bundle Conductor
Angle V 50k lb Assembly, TEA-VX-32-50, 345kV - 500kV
Double V-String 50k lb Assembly, TEA-DX-34-50, 345kV - 500kV

Suspension insulator string can be designed in accordance with ANSI C29.2 and IEC61109 or other insulator specification.


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