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Suspension insulators manufacturers

Orient Power is one of leading Suspension insulators manufacturers in China, mainly produced porcelain insulator and polymer insulator for electrical systems.

Suspension insulators manufacturers

There are many Suspension insulators manufacturers in india, mainly produced Suspension insulators in accordance with
◆ IS 731-1971: specification for porcelain insulators
◆ IS 2486-1974: specification for dimension of pin ball and socket
◆ IS 2486-1974 and IEC 372-1971: specification for security
◆ IEC 575: mechanical performance test
◆ IS 2629: recommended practice for hot dip galvanized of iron and steel
◆ IS 2633: method of testing uniformity of coating of zinc coating articles

As a reputed Suspension insulators manufacturers, mainly produced
◆ Normal porcelain disc suspension insulator
◆ Anti-pollution suspension insulator
◆ Polymer suspension insulator

Except Suspension insulators, Orient Power is one of leading Suspension insulators manufacturers, manufactures porcelain pin type insulator, porcelain line post insulator and other polymer insulators.


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