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Suspension insulators

 Suspension insulators are often under high electrical as mechanical stress. The ever increasing demand for electrical energy worldwide has lead to the use of even high system voltages for power transmission.

Suspension insulators           Suspension insulators

The types of suspension insulators
◆ Porcelain insulators
◆ Glass insulators
◆ Non-ceramic insulators

The features of suspension insulators in the world
◆ China has complete the construction of a 1000kv ac system
◆ India currently installed systems at 800kv ac
◆ Both India and China are planning to expand their systems to 1200kv in the near future
◆ The USA, Japan and Russia already have systems operating over 750kv for many years

The higher voltage insulators (suspension insulator, post insulators) used in outdoor applications are degraded by various environmental factors including precipitation, winds, temperature variations and pollution.

Suspension insulators can be used high voltage insulators, medium voltage and low voltage transmission and distribution lines.


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