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Suspension type insulator

Suspension type insulator can be used on high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage transmission and distribution overhead lines and other electrical devices.

Suspension type insulator            Suspension type insulator

In higher voltage, beyond 33kv, suspension insulator becomes uneconomical to use pin insulator in accordance with size, weight of the insulator become more.

According to insulator materials, suspension type insulator can be divided into
◆ Porcelain disc suspension insulator / porcelain longrod insulator
Composite suspension insulator

The advantages of suspension type insulator
◆ Porcelain disc suspension insulator can be used different numbers of discs, a suspension string can be made suitable for any voltage level
◆ If any one of the disc suspension insulators in suspension string is damaged, it can be replaced much easily
◆ Used flexible
◆ Composite suspension insulator can be designed into 500kv with high section length
◆ Composite suspension is lighter weight, easy to transport.

Suspension type insulator is popular electrical insulator used in electrical device, in some conditions, can exchange with pin insulator, pin post insulator and line post insulator each other.


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