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Suspension type insulators suppliers

Orient Power is one of reputed Suspension type insulators suppliers in China, mainly produced porcelain suspension insulator and polymer suspension insulator.

Suspension type insulators suppliers

As a professional Suspension type insulators supplier, Orient Power produced Suspension type insulators with some advantages compared to porcelain pin type insulator or composite pin insulators
◆ 11kv overhead power lines is normally used with 11kv pin insulator
◆ 33kv power lines is normally used 33kv porcelain suspension insulator replacing porcelain pin insulator
◆ In some conditions, suspension insulator can exchange pin insulator used on distribution lines
◆ Suspension type insulator used more flexible than pin insulator
◆ Easy to maintain
◆ Suspension insulator can be used on high voltage power lines, such as 500kV power lines. Porcelain pin insulator or composite pin insulator can be only used for 36kv power lines

Orient Power is one of leading Suspension type insulators suppliers in China, except suspension insulator, we also produce pin insulator, line post insulator and other electrical insulator.


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