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Suspension type insulators

Suspension type insulators can be divided into common insulator and anti-fog insulator and used in any voltage level power lines.

Suspension type insulators

The reference of Suspension type insulators
◆ ANSI C29.1-1988, test methods of electrical power insulators
◆ ANSI Z55.1-1967 (R1973), gray finishes for industrial apparatus and equipment
◆ ANSI / IEEE 268-1982, metric practice
◆ ASTM A153-82, specification for zinc coating(hot-dip) on iron and steel hardware
◆ ASTM C151-84, test method for autoclave expansion of Portland cement

Suspension type insulators shall confirm in all respects to requirements in accordance with ANSI C29.2-92(R1999). The text and figures supplement each other and shall be considered part of ANSI C29.2-92(R1999).

Manufacturer’s drawings, if furnished, shall show the outline of the suspension type insulators, together with all pertinent dimensions. Any variations in these dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances shall be indicated.

Suspension type insulators shells shall be made of wet-process porcelain or toughened glass. Shells shall be sound and free from defects that might adversely affect the insulators.


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