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The development of German renewable energy for electricity

German renewable energy for electricity has become a pillar of Germany's largest electricity supply. As a biggest pin insulator manufacturer, we supply the porcelain insulator and polymer insulator for transferring electricity process.

Nuclear plant

Nuclear plant

German Federal Energy and Water Industry Association on the 29th that the 2014 German renewable energy generation is expected to account for 25.8% of the total generating capacity, will become the first pillar of the German power supply.

The association news release, increase the proportion of renewable energy generation, because the increase in the corresponding power generation equipment, and favorable weather. In 2014, the largest increase over last year PV, up 14%, accounting for 5.8% of the total generating capacity. Other renewable energy sources, wind power accounted for 8.6 percent of total electricity generation, biomass power generation accounts for about 8%, hydroelectric power accounts for about 3.4%. On the lines, more and more electrical insulators can be installed.

In contrast, the proportion of lignite power generation and bituminous coal were 25.6% and 18% decline compared with 2013. Nuclear power and natural gas rates were 15.9% and 9.6%.

At this stage, Germany is pushing energy transformation, vigorously develop renewable energy plan to 2025 will increase the proportion of renewable energy power generation to 40-45%, and in 2035 this proportion will increase to 55-60%.

In early December, the German federal government approved a climate action plan, plans to add emissions from 62 million to 78 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, in order to achieve its previously enacted in 2020 than in 1990 to reduce carbon emissions by 40% of the target.

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