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The electricity prices in Turkey in 2015

With the electricity developing, more and more areas used the electricity, how about the electricity prices in Turkey in 2015. More and more medium and low voltage insulator is supplied by insulator manufacturer, such as porcelain pin type insulator. This article will simply introduce the trend of the electricity prices in Turkey in 2015.

electricity in Turkey

electricity in Turkey

The capital of Turkey is Ankara, which is said, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan in the BBC interview, said on Friday, the government has not predicted any news about the trend volatility of gas price or electricity price before the summer of next year.

I think that the more electricity was needed by person, more insulators were used. Such as polymer pin insulators used on medium and low voltage transmission and distribution lines

In October, 2014, Turkey increased gas prices and electricity prices by 9%. Turkey's energy needs are most dependent on imports, energy price is an important factor for inflation in economic. Despite the global crude oil prices eased the pressure of import resources; the central bank has been trying to drive down energy prices still.

But the electricity prices in Turkey in 2015 will be introduced after the parliamentary elections in June, 2015. We export the price of porcelain or polymer pin type insulators that will be introduced detail.


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