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The porcelain insulators

The porcelain insulators consist of Electrical Porcelain and L.T. Insulators.

The porcelain insulators

Electrical Porcelain and L.T. Insulators are of semi vitreous body. These products are in a position to withstand normal domestic voltage up to 440 volts. Glazed products are made for use in exposed weather and unglazed products are used in dry conditions.

The porcelain insulators feature has Energy Conservation Industry needs energy conservation in fuel as well as in power consumption. Pollution Control Cyclonic dust collector to be installed to control the airborne dust during the crushing. The non-plastic raw materials are ground in ball mill to the fineness of 100-120 number mesh and water is added in desired proportion.

The porcelain insulators, main raw materials like china clay, ball clay, quartz, felspar, plastic fire clay are used for the preparation of body.

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