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Tie top pin insulator

Tie top pin insulator is an insulator used on distribution lines. Tie top pin insulator has spindle installed on cross arm. Tie top pin insulator can be installed for the attachment of a conductor.

Tie top pin insulator

Tie top pin insulator

The advantages of tie top pin insulator
◆ Competitive price
◆ Rich experience
◆ High quality and good performance
◆ Long-term life

The leakage distance of tie top pin insulator
The shells type spreading porcelain shell or shed protects the leakage corrugations on the underside of the tie top pin insulator from contamination and mechanical damage. The shells are designed to provide optimum normal and protected leakage distance in relation to size and shape.

The voltage range of tie top pin insulator has 11kV, 22kV and 33kV with color red and grey made from silicone rubber


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