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Toughed glass insulator design features and advantages

What is toughed glass insulator?
The toughening process consists in inducing prestresses to the glass shell by a rapid and precisely controlled cooling of the still hot molded glass. The pre-stresses result in compressive forces on the outer surface layer balanced by tensile forces inside the body of the glass shell.

Toughed glass insulator

Features of Toughed glass insulator:
The presence of permanent outer surface compressive stresses prevents crack formation or propagation in the glass shell for an unlimited period of time (no ageing).

The combination of compressive and tensile stresses in the glass shell body gives toughened glass insulator the unique property of always breaking in a predictable pattern when overstressed mechanically or electrically.

Crumbling of the glass shell always results in small corn-size chunks with no razor–edged shards.

Advantages for Toughed glass insulators:
Endurance and no ageing
High residual strength and no risk of line drop
Safety in handling and construction
Puncture resistance
Environmental Considerations

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