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Toughened glass features

Toughened glass features includes endurance and no ageing, live-line maintenance, High residual strength and no risk of line drop, Environmental Considerations, Puncture resistance, etc.

Toughened glass features

Toughened Glass has the unique ability to resist the effects of time and the elements with no degradation of mechanical or electrical performance for the following reasons:
Toughened glass shell is immune to the effects of micro-crack propagation with time and load / temperature cycling, which is typical of porcelain.

The main of toughened glass features:
No need of instruments for condition monitoring of glass insulator strings
Very low cost of inspection for the entire service life of the line
No risk of separation or line drops
No urgency in replacing a unit with broken shell
Long-term savings in maintenance operations

The hot cured alumina cement used in Orient Toughened Glass insulators is very strong, stable, and immune to any cement growth phenomena.


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