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Transmission insulators

Transmission insulators suspend and support high voltage transmission lines. They are cost effective for higher voltage transmission.

Transmission insulators

Transmission insulators have a number of interconnected porcelain discs, with each individual unit designed to support a particular voltage. Normal Applications, top grounded, bottom energized.

The design incorporates positive, labyrinth seals to ensure long-term security against water entry. Conventional dry-particle, air-pressure cleaning methods may also be employed. Test in accordance with ANSI C29.1-1982. Electrical values are without corona ring. It is the maximum continuous load at which the post should be applied.

Line design loads applied to post insulators often include tension, or compression, in addition to the primary vertical cantilever load. In addition, some longitudinal load is usually designed for as well.

Transmission insulators, End fittings are aluminum or ductile iron. The crimp requires no inter movement of the parts to achieve high strength, nor does it introduce potting compounds or adhesives.


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