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What is insulator pin?

Insulator pin is one main part of insulator made by stainless steel, iron etc. such as suspension insulators and pin insulators are used with insulator pin installing on crossarm.

pin insulator

Insulator pin for suspension insulator
The metal projection on the under side of a suspension insulator, serving to attach it to the cap of the next unit in the string,

Insulator pin for pin insulator that is made from stainless steel, iron etc. Pin insulator is made by porcelain and polymer materials, also known as porcelain pin insulator and polymer pin type insulator used for high voltage transmission and distribution lines with insulator pin or without insulator pin.

Pin insulators are made by porcelain units and insulator pin, porcelain units can install with spindle with Portland cement glue connected as one. The surface of insulator pin used hot dip galvanized.


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