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11KV pin insulator,composite polymer pin insulator

11KV pin insulator install on the overhead high voltage distribution lines. Pin insulators can be divided composite polymer pin insulator and ceramic pin type insulator in the light of materials.

A little part of the composite polymer pin insulator which can be used in low voltage electric power distribution line. Such as 10KV composite polymer pin insulator can use the voltage for 10KV line.

In addition, composite polymer pin insulator is also called silicone rubber pin insulator, which can be contacted the distribution power line for insulation and fixing electrical conductors. So 11KV composite polymer pin insulators can be installed on high voltage line with the cross arm.

11KV pin insulator               composite polymer pin insulator

Composite polymer pin insulator principle:
In the case of heat, electrical insulator works by reducing the rate heat can travel through a space. Generally, they use specific materials and will keep heat-carrying matter from moving. In the case of electricity, electrical insulators confine an electric current to a designated path. They typically work by using a material with many outer elections, a condition that will cause low electrical conductivity to protect wire.

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