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composite polymer pin type insulator

Composite polymer pin type insulator is applicable for high-voltage line facilities. The composite pin type insulator has good water-repellent, anti-aging and anti-leakage properties. And it is also featured by high resistance to bending and high mechanical strength. Composite pin insulators are easy for installation and its installation dimensions of top and bottom parts are the same with those of corresponding porcelain pin type so that they are interchangeable.

composite polymer pin type insulator               polymer pin type insulator

Composite polymer pin type insulator features:
1. Excellent electric corrosion-proof property.
2. High mechanical intension.
3. Light weight and easy installation.

About Orient Power:
Orient Power bases itself upon high starting-point, high quality, high Level, carries out ISO9001 Quality Management System comprehensively, have established complete Quality Guarantee System for composite polymer pin type insulator. Our company has advanced Researching and Developing, Testing, Produce machines and also has a strong engineering technology team which established the steady foundation of guaranteeing the quality of our composite polymer pin type insulators.

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