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Porcelain insulators,pin insulators,post insulators

Pin insulators or post insulators are manufactured from high aluminum porcelain materials used in different positions for supporting and insulating conductors, which are main porcelain insulators.

porcelain post insulators

About post insulators
Post insulators include line post insulators, pin post insulators and station post insulators, and which are the substitute for the conventional suspension or tension disc insulators and can be used as support for conductors on crossarms of transmission and distribution line poles.

These porcelain insulators are recommended for polluted zones and areas prone to vandal damage. Station post insulators are normally used in substations and stations or electrical equipment.

Line post insulators and pin post insulators are generally used on overhead power lines with the preformed wires.

porcelain pin insulators

About Pin insulators
Pin insulators of one piece or more pieces construction are widely used in low cost distribution lines. Two types of standard insulator pins, steel or lead head are available. These insulators are designed in 22kv, 11kv and 33kv used on distribution pole lines

The benefits of Porcelain insulators, pin insulators, post insulators
◆ Excellent pollution performance especially atmospheric dirt
◆ Natural cleaning by wind a rain
◆ Reliable mechanical strength
◆ Superior flashover characteristics
◆ Totally puncture proof

Except, pin insulators and post insulators, porcelain insulators include railway insulators for traction lines, suspension insulators for any voltage power lines.


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