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Pin insulators,pin type ceramic insulator

Pin type ceramic insulator is usually composed of porcelain parts and spindle. Ceramic pin insulators mechanical strength is one kind property of porcelain disc pin insulator. Each porcelain insulator has common features, such as voltage, material and mechanical strength and so on.

Pin type ceramic insulator mechanical strength:
Pin type ceramic insulator is made of ceramic, which is also called porcelain pin insulator. This type insulator mechanical strength is tensile strength, which includes 4 KN, 6 KN, 8 KN, 10 KN, 12.5 KN, 12 KN, 13KN etc.

pin type ceramic insulator                  ceramic pin type insulator

Porcelain pin insulators can be divided into outdoor porcelain pin insulator and indoor porcelain pin insulator according to different ways of installation.

Porcelain pin insulator:
The making of Porcelain parts can adopt wet-process porcelain or dry-process porcelain. Making Porcelain parts include five steps, they are clay, ball mill, filtering, aging and shaping. Porcelain insulator standards have ANSI, IEC, GB and so on.

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